Combining deep relaxing of the balinese massage this treatment implements re-energizing techniques to lift up your mood and release you from stress. It is a whole body treatment that works into tight muscles and assures that body, mind and soul are back in balance . Refresh your senses.


Revitalize yourself and relax with our vigorous massage that is recommended for muscle fatigue, chronic pain and sports enthusiasts. Our therapists use a variety of techniques to increase the blood circulation , unwind muscle tension and restore restricted movements .personalized essential help to support your personal needs.


Find your peace within the right choice of essential oils enjoy sensitive stroking that is relaxing your body ,mind and soul.


Partake in this Ottoman tradition of cleansing your skin. using a pouch, cells get scrubbed away allowing your skin to breathe again .This permits the blood circulation in your body to improve and is followed by a soap massage from head to toe under a pleasant smelling cloud of leather. The traditional experience is amazing.